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Frequently Asked Questions

How would I be able to replace a section of my garage door?

In certain situations, if you do hit your garage door, it is possible to replace one or two sections. After careful evaluation you can replace either the one section or two if necessary. However if more than two sections are damaged it is beneficial for the customer to replace the entire door.

When will I need garage door insulation?

The time you decide you want insulation is at the time when you are deciding to buy new garage doors. Many people try to insulate their hollow doors themselves but this causes more issues to the door. The added weight of the insulation will result in having to replace your springs because the weight of the door will be more and the added weight will put strain on your operator resulting in it not performing in optimal condition and eventually breaking earlier than it should.

How much money will I save by buying a cheap garage door?

In the short term, customers can save a significant amount of money by buying a cheap garage door, but when you do buy a cheap door, you get much cheaper hardware, including rollers, pulleys and hinges. In the long run, customers will end up spending more money because they will need repairs done more frequently to compensate for the cheap hardware that comes with the door.

Will I be able to use my smartphone to operate my garage door?

Yes, the operators currently on the market offer built in Wi-fi. Select models of operators even have built in cameras to protect your garage door from product deliveries, if the consumer wants to allow Amazon to deliver in their garage.

Why do garage door openers just stop working?

One factor to this is, is it’s just old. Every opener has a certain life cycle and no longer works. More often than not though, the opener breaks down and stops working due to neglect of the door. Most people hit the button and the door opens and closes and they think it is working fine. However though, the only way you can be sure is to manually open the door by hand to see how it is working. It should be very easy to open and not be heavy or have
binding. Also, many times the springs have been stretched out and need to be replaced and the customer doesn’t know. This puts excessive strain on the operator and can make the operator burn out completely or make the gears inside of the opener blow out. By keeping up on the physical door properly, you can ensure your opener working without strain for quite a few years.

What is a garage door seal?

There are two types of garage door seals. The one type is the seal that goes on the side of the door and the top of the door to prevent wind coming in and helps keep the door insulated. The second seal is on the bottom of the garage door. This helps prevent leaves and debris from coming in.

What garage door maintenance services do you offer?

We offer any maintenance involved with the garage door functionality. These include replacing rollers, pulleys, cables, springs, hinges, lubricating the door and parts with grease. Also, perform repairs on the motors as well. Any problem at all, we perform that service.

What services do you do on your first visit?

On our first visit, we generally evaluate the door to diagnose what the problem is. In most instances when we speak to our customers on the phone we get a general idea of what is wrong and we come prepared with the parts so if the customer decides to go ahead, we can perform the job on the first visit.

What garage door opener services do you perform?

Garage door opener services we perform range from installing brand new openers, replace gear kits, change malfunctioning keypads, changing wall stations and photo eyes. Programming smartphones to wi-fi and programming vehicles to the operator to run them.

Can I see examples of different garage door designs in your gallery?

Explore our gallery to view a variety of stunning garage door designs for inspiration and find the perfect style for your home.

How can I get in touch with Tamboer Overhead Door for my garage door needs?

To schedule an appointment or request a quote for our garage door services, please reach out to us through our contact page or give us a call at (973) 886-9744. Our friendly team will be happy to assist you.

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